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In the current era, computerized ticket companies, such as Ticketmaster*, have replaced ticket services as the primary method of sales and distribution. Ticket services and brokers have since evolved into the secondary market, and they are no longer provided tickets for events, on consignment, directly from the venues. With demand for sports, concerts and theatre tickets higher than ever, ticket brokers and services now serve the public in three major ways. We provide tickets to events that are sold out on the primary market. We also provide the most desirable seating for events, such as up-front seats for concerts and premium placing for sporting events. Lastly, through the consignment methods practiced before, we provide ticket holders a place to sell unneeded, unwanted and extra tickets to others.


Ticket brokers acquire event tickets from ticket owners for more than the amount for which they were purchased, so tickets on our site are almost always sold at more than face value. We pay over face value to fans who sell their tickets to us. If you have extra tickets to a concert or game, ticket brokers can help you out. Whether you're a season ticket holder that can't attend a few games out of the year, or you just bought a too many tickets, ticket brokers can help you to sell them for the best price the market will bear. Ticket brokers help people who don't need their tickets to sell them to people who really want to be at the event.
Whether you're buying tickets or selling tickets, ticket brokers will help see that you're getting the best deal for the tickets you want, or the tickets you have. Ticket brokers help consumers by providing hard to find and sold out tickets. The ticket industry has flourished due to active participation by ticket brokers. Ticket Brokers work hard to provide users with best seat in the house.